Add Liquidity

Pool Name
Pool Address rdx1qsp7zp9gn6f9az3wugeupl7jqnew0njnj92t05la0gyk34rn4ygqwls7dgtch  
Tokens / Balances
Radix (XRD)
Radix Inu (INU)
RadixPlanet (PLANET)
Pool Size
Actual Users Profit
Estimated APY ?
LP token RRI plpxrdinuplanet_rr1qw6wa0dtqwafj3mm8n3ntwl33mla99tayyhv6wnwk54qu4tn3k

To add liquidity send the following amounts (or adjust them below as you desire) with the message "Liquidity" or "LP" from the same address to the pool address, after sending the amounts of all the tokens, an amount of the pool ownership token equivilant to the provided liquidity will be minted directly to your address along with any remaining refunds due to incorrect amounts ratio provided and/or rounding errors
You can send back the ownership token amount to the pool address at anytime to withdraw the equivilent amounts of liquidity from the pool
You can adjust the amounts as you need but with respect to the ratio of each token in the pool

Min 100.3