Bitcoin Bridge

We have a Bitcoin bridge that allows wrapping and unwrapping Bitcoin from and to the Radix network, but since the launch of Babylon we do the wrapping and unwrapping as a manual process until a solution that existed pre-Babylon is developed, please reach us out on Telegram for assisstance

Warning Make sure you have full control over both Bitcoin address you will send the bitcoins from and Radix address you will recieve the wrapped bitcoins to, do not use any exchange or any similar service to send the bitcoins from and only use your own wallet, failure to follow this condition will definitely lead to loss of the sent bitcoins and we will not be able by any means to recover them once you sent them.


  • A fee of 0.00020000 BTC will be deducted from the amount you send in both wrap and unwrap transactions
  • If you sent multiple outputs to the the service address, the fee will be deducted from every output to fight dust transactions
  • The fee of 0.00020000 BTC is subject to change depending on Bitcoin blockchain congestion status
  • For unwrapping transactions, any decimals more than the bitcoin supported (8 decimals) will be truncated and ignored in the unwrap transaction
  • In order to keep the collected wrapping and unwrapping fees at the minimum possible value, please keep in mind that unwrapping transactions are usually broadcasted to the Bitcoin network with a low-priority fee rate and might take some time to get confirmed, and this service should not - by any means- be considered as a fast withdrawal service for Bitcoin, If the user is in a hurry and wants the unwrapped bitcoin right away, you are adviced to unwrap to an address you control and then spend the unconfirmed tx with a higher fee of your choice to speed up the confimation process (Child Pays For Parent)